Playing with your clones

I recently posed this question, after a discussion of play styles in our group.  It’s an interesting way to identify if your individual play style is frustrating your goals, or if elements of your style may be counteracting each other.

Suppose that you had a set of new groups.  Each new group is composed of five clones of one member of your current gaming group – I highly encourage you to start with yourself.  For which of these groups could you run the perfect game, one which satisfied all five of the clones?  What would that game look like?

This seems complex in most cases, so let’s lower the bar in order to explore a bit and come back to it.  Consider that satisfaction may not be a yes/no quality, and more like a percentage rating.  How much would you be able to satisfy the members of each clone group?

In some groups, could you completely satisfy some members at the expense of the others?

Is the average satisfaction in each group invariant, or would ways to boost the average exist?

Which groups are zero-sum games (if someone is more satisfied, someone else must be equally less satisfied) and which are non-zero-sum?

If non-zero sum groups exist, in which groups does increasing one player’s satisfaction increase other player’s satisfaction too?

With a little bit better picture of how these groups might work in mind now, consider this:  Which of these groups would require the most total work to satisfy at their maximum possible level?  Which ones would require the most work per percentage point increase in the average satisfaction?


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