For a long time now, I’ve seen this basic idea in a lot of places, and believed it myself:

“Even if the group decides to compromise on nothing about the content of a scene, they will still have to compromise, since everyone wants spotlight time.  There’s only so much spotlight time to go around, so they’ll need to compromise by sharing it.”

Here’s the problem I see: there ISN’T only so much spotlight time to go around.  It’s true that there is a limited amount of time in the session, but subject to that constraint, there is no limit on how much time a player can have regardless of how much time the others get.  The reason for this is simple: each minute of game time might constitute spotlight time for more than one player.  So the “make the pie bigger” solution is to play more scenes that involve multiple characters.

If it seems like there isn’t enough spotlight time, try sharing it a bit more.  Where along the scale between “one character per scene” and “everyone in every scene” is right for your group is for them to decide.


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