Techniques I like and dislike

These are simply my preferences.   No judgment on whether they are good or bad, just a list of what I like and don’t. 

Frontloading (In general, doing as much setup as possible ahead of time to get to the meaty bits more quickly.  In particular, using background or other pre-game techniques rather than deciding character attributes through in-game exploration.)

NPCs with depth (secrets or non-apparent motivations, perhaps not even related to the plot)

Adventure hooks that contain

  • a variety of information (enough for multiple party members to pursue them in parallel)
  • the promise of appropriate rewards for multiple characters

World elements that connect to and introduce other world elements

Proactively pursuing my character goals

Reacting to world events

The magician’s choice (where each path leads to the same place)

GM-induced party conflict

Being “prodded” (wherein a situation calling for action is introduced with no indicator of what to do.  Also known as “partial proactivity [near the bottom of the page].” )


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