My Payoff, Sockets, and Goals

Payoff Explore ideas/concepts through imagined experience




Character (part 2)


Construct a psychological model of the character (goals, values, personality) that incorporates a concept to be explored and includes conflict, inconsistencies, and questions to be answered related to that concept

Interact with world elements that address (relate to, highlight, or mirror) internal psychological issues

Make choices that involve character conflicts, inconsistencies, and questions

Kairosis – Change the psychological model (internal) by reflecting on character experiences (external)

There are other sockets that are much less important to reaching my payoff.  Two of those are social and system.  (If I want to socialize, I prefer other activities to gaming.  The system isn’t usually particularly involved in my character’s psychological makeup.)  Hopefully this makes somewhat clearer why I game, and what I hope to get out of it.  I hope it also serves as a reasonable demonstration of how a socket relates a goal to a payoff.


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