Focusing in: How we play

Our group plays exclusively traditional style games.  Some recent games include L5R, d20 Iron Kingdoms, d20 Modern/Spycraft, and V:tM.  I’ll be focusing on this sort of arrangement.  While there are indie games out there that answer the question “How can we address problems associated with traditional rpgs?” in unique ways, I’m seeking to answer the same question within a traditional framework that will be useful to my gaming group, and hopefully other groups like ours.  In other words, “What techniques can we use to make the traditional rpg experience better?”, rather than “What other games can we play?”

 In terms of the questions I posed in the last post, our group divides authority according to the traditional GM/player dichotomy.  We discourage “active postmodernism” and director stance.  We’re not entirely agreed on what other stances are OK, but actor and author are the primary candidates.


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